Express Scripts Pharmacy
Visual Identity
Express Scripts Pharmacy pioneered home delivery pharmacy in 1986, and they're equipped with specialist (not generalist, this is important) pharmacists on call 24/7. This means Express Scripts Pharmacy is like your care force, there to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

They can be be your wellness X factor.
We formed the identity based on the X factor concept. By bringing together visual, verbal, and behavioral design we created a brand system that unlocked digital experiences, brought marketing campaigns to life, served as inspiration for new thinking on packaging, and can grow employee advocacy through internal engagement.


Creative Direction: Ryan Atkinson, Jennifer Vano
Associate Creative Director: Rachel Scherer
Design Director: Bethany Kennedy
Design: Bruno Café, Brigit Hickey, Giselle Childs
Project Management: Divia Padayachee

3D Illustration
Bruno Café


Aeonik Display