Evolved By Nature
Visual Identity

R/GA, 2020

We are in the midst of an invisible crisis: on and in nearly everything we buy are petrochemicals that can build up in our water and food supplies and our bodies.

Consumers are becoming more savvy and demanding a better way. The scientists at Silk Inc. invented just that: pure silk protein, from natural silk cocoons, in liquid form. Not only is this technology nontoxic to people and the planet, it can also match or outperform the benefit of the petrochemicals it replaces, and so it can work with any partner brand, on any product, in any industry.

Silk, Inc. needed a brand that could help potential partners and the public understand and embrace this invisible technology’s potential —and ultimately, start a green chemistry movement.


SVP, Head of Brand: Mike Rigby
GCD, Brand Design: Augustus Cook
GCD, Brand Design: Ryan Atkinson
GCD, Verbal Design: Jenn Vano
Design: Bruno Da Silva, Kayla Watson, Bernise Wong, Sam McGuiness.
3D Comp: Bruno Da Silva
Verbal Designer: Julianna Esposito
Typography: Mathieu Réguer