Éfiro is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and music producer. He represents the pursuit of the cry for freedom as a gay black guy in society.

I was flattered by the invitation to design the graphic system for this music-clip – in partnership with my very talented friend Caio Kondo, where he designed the Efiro type.

The song talks about vulnerability and how black people learn to be strong even without knowing they have that power. It's a daily struggle. But it is through their shadows that they learn to find their strength.

The clip is directed by the talented Maví, where I've been able to work on other projects like Pulsante, for example.

Maví translated all the anguish that the lyrics have in soul for this clip – where he tried to bring all the elements that translates Ephiro. Anxiety for example is represented by water, a holistic symbol of emotions.

Efiro browses spaces decorated by Brazilian design furniture. The thorns of the roses can be seen in the Ephiro typography that we designed for this visual identity.