next Bank
Visual Identity

R/GA, 2018

Digital natives, or millennials, see banking as a necessary partner—one that doesn't necessarily behave the way they expect a partner to do. Traditional banks are proactive only when it comes to selling you something. Most of the time they are reactive, confusing, and don't help customers establish, let alone achieve, their financial goals.

That’s why Bradesco, one of the biggest banks in Brazil, decided to create a new bank for a new generation.
The answer: Bradesco next, a new bank for the digital age, with the consumer in the center. Designed around their desires, wishes, and behaviours, next would help them better manage their money and reach their financial potential.

My role:
Art direction; 
Design Direction;
Tone of Voice; 
Photography Direction;

With the greatest dream team:

Fabiano Coura(VP), Vicente Silva, Saulo Rodrigues, Carlos Fonseca, Virgilio Santos, Vitor Andrade, Patricia Belo, Mauricio Gomes, Wagner Veloso, Alex, Italo Bertolacci, Mauricio Bina, Thais Boaventura, Luana Silveira, Lilly Matao, Tati Haw, Andrea Senise, Bruno Jorri, Karina Corchs, Thiago Franco, Julian Goncalves, Jaqueline Matioli, Thommy Nozaki, Gustavo Bales and Edson Suyeoshi.